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Log 05/03/2021

I had to work both days over the weekend, so I'm pretty tired. I enjoy my job, everyone there is nice-- however the customers aren't always very pleasant. I had one customer who I requested put a mask on (as per my employers guidelines) and he went on a short rant about how the goddammed CDC says...
God, I hate people sometimes. Anyways, other than that instance, everything was pretty nice over the weekend. I rode my bike to school today, but it looks to be a little wet. 3.8 miles in 18 minutes, so I'm fairly happy.
Oh, also, I got working on my overclocked TI-89 again. I took some pictures of my overclocking and am going to write a short guide for anyone who stumbles across this page. It'll end up under a new tab, proably called "Repair Log Search". You'll see an example of that at the top of this page before I make it go live